February 10, 2016

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The Low Fat Diet Trend: Healthy or Not?

Trying to lose weight? Is your fridge filled with things like zero fat yogurt, low fat sour cream, skim milk, low fat cottage cheese, and margarine? Sorry to burst your bubble, but your low fat diet might be having an opposite effect on your weight loss. Commercials, television shows and magazine articles have brainwashed us into thinking that low fat foods equate to health, vitality, and slimmer waistlines; think again. One of my patient’s has been trying to lose weight for years. She has two grown children, eats 3 meals a day, has vegetables with at least one or two meals, drinks water, … [Read More...]


Time for a Detox? 5 Signs That You Are Toxic

Is it time for a detox? How do you know if your body is toxic? The liver, which is one of the main organs involved in our body’s detoxification process, can become overburdened from diet and lifestyle choices. Personal hygiene products full of chemicals; hormones in our meats; pesticides on our fruits and vegetables; and harsh cleaning products contribute to what is called our ‘toxic load’. The more toxins our body accumulates, the higher our toxic load. Unfortunately, our toxic load can be difficult to measure. Diseases tend to develop slowly and insidiously. Most people don’t know … [Read More...]


Are Your Mattress and Pillow Doing the Job?

Are you aware that we spend approximately one third of our lives in bed? What is even more astounding is the fact that we do not invest nearly enough time, effort, or money on a mattress that will benefit our overall health and wellness. We spend way more time, effort, and money buying a car than we do on our beds. However, we don’t spend nearly as much time in a car as we do in bed...If you find yourself questioning these numbers, you may be spending too much time sitting in traffic and may want to rethink your commute! By far, one of the questions I get asked the most is about beds. I’m … [Read More...]


Do You Need More Protein at Breakfast?

Do you often crave sweets when you get tired or have dips and spikes in energy during the day? These are all signs that you may be having issues with your blood sugar. Did you know that something as simple as adding protein to your breakfast and to your meals and snacks throughout the day can really help stabilize your blood sugar levels, your cravings and your overall energy, and yes it can even help with weight … [Read More...]

personal care products

Should You Be Worried About These 3 Personal Care Products?

We're changing things up this week with a brand new video blog post.  This way you get all of the important information delivered right to you in video format.  No muss, no fuss! Hope you enjoy and as always learn something new. What do aspirin, tampons, and nail polish have in common?  They are all commonly used personal care products that have some pretty significant health risks associated with them.  Sadly, this type of information is rarely covered by mainstream media.  In this week's blog, I give you the low down on why you should choose your personal health care products with … [Read More...]

protein-shake workout

Don’t Forget About These Important Fuels When You Workout

"Use it or lose it!" You might have hear that sentence before as it can apply to our brain and our body. It is crucial to move and exercise for optimal health. Exercising doesn’t mean spending 90 minutes doing cardio and weight training at the gym every day (I actually really don't suggest that!). Read my past blog on HIIT training to find the best and most efficient way to exercise for health and fitness results. It’s smart to exercise! Personally, I love how I feel after getting my workout in for the day. I … [Read More...]

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