April 26, 2015

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Are You Doing the Right Things to Keep Your Gut Healthy?

As we become increasingly aware of how our actions affect the world around us, a greater number of us are taking steps to avoid upsetting the balance of ecosystems. There is a growing awareness of our “carbon footprint”, i.e. the impact that we all have on the earth. We know that, if each person takes action to reduce their carbon footprint, we can greatly improve the environment that is currently killing off some species of plants and animals. And before undertaking a construction project of any scale, there are laws requiring us to do a survey to determine its impact on the flora and fauna … [Read More...]


Not all Protein Powders are Created Equal

Protein powder is an almost $3 billion (US) per year industry and many companies out there are trying to cash in on this trend. More companies, more products, and more competitive prices. Seems like a win-win-win for consumers, right? While some protein powders offer substantial savings over others, is it really worth the cost (both in money and in health)? If a company is selling their product at a lower cost, they need to produce it at a lower cost too. Not only is the quality of the powder compromised, but so is its taste and appearance. In order to make it more appealing to consumers, … [Read More...]


Is a hormone imbalance causing your health problems?

Too Many Hormones If you follow the latest news reports, current articles from natural health groups, or even information shared through social media, you will surely notice how women’s health issues and concerns are often at the forefront. One of the most common concerns is related to hormone imbalances, whether it affects the menstrual cycle or the thyroid. Estrogen promotes the development and maintenance of female characteristics of the body. However, too much estrogen is a cause for concern and is known as estrogen dominance. In fact, I was just on CTV Morning Live to discuss … [Read More...]


Does Your Workout HIIT the Spot?

Want to spend less time at the gym and still get great results? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) just might be the answer. HIIT is a training technique that involves alternating short, intense bursts of exercise with short, recovery periods. In other words, you work as hard as you possibly can for a short period of time, rest, then go again. Studies show that this type of training: • Boosts your metabolism for up to 48 hours after the workout, which means you’ll be burning fat and calories long after you’ve left the gym • Burns more calories in less time than a steady state workout … [Read More...]


Breathe Easier with this DIY Air Freshener Recipe

We all enjoy a nice smelling home or workspace. There is something so warming about stepping into a house that smells of a freshly baked aromatic dessert. Our noses will guide us into that bakery that we are trying to walk by to look at the fresh loaves coming out of their ovens. And you can’t deny the invigoration you feel once the spring-cleaning is done and fresh scents of spotless surfaces fill the air. But sometimes what we cook, like fish, may leave an unpleasant lingering smell that makes us want to reach for an air freshener. In today’s on-the-go society, having a bottle that we can … [Read More...]


Bone Broth for Bone Health

Recently, I read an article published in the Ottawa Citizen on how bone broth is the newest health food trend. It talked about a chef in New York who started selling cups of broth from a take-out window and how it has taken off as the next big “foodie” fad. The funny thing is, most of us can remember growing up and having our parents or grandparents saving the bones from the meals to freeze and use later for making broth for some homemade soups. We can even remember the rich smell of the broth as they boiled down the … [Read More...]

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