April 24, 2014

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Is Stuff Weighing You Down? Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home and Your Life

“Spring is nature’s way of saying – Let’s Party!” – Robin Williams I think we can safely say that spring has finally arrived!  The last little bit of snow and ice are melting, the days are getting longer and warmer and everyone just seems happier.  Spring is the season of new beginnings, the perfect time to de-clutter your home and your life.  According to Peter Walsh, author and host of Extreme Clutter, “clutter is anything that gets between … [Read More...]


Need Workout Motivation? Spring Into Fitness with these Tips

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips it’s turn” - Hal Borland This quote is a great reminder after such a long cold winter. It may not seem like it, but spring is definitely on it’s way! As the days get longer and warmer, and the trees and plants begin to grow and bloom, it’s hard not to be inspired shed our winter layers and lighten up! Spring is traditionally a time when we clean our homes, but spring-cleaning doesn’t just have to be for your home, the concept of spring-cleaning can easily be applied to all different areas of your life. What better time to spring-clean: your mind, your … [Read More...]


Have You Been Eating Yoga Mat Chemical Sandwiches?

I know the idea of a yoga mat sandwich doesn’t sound too appetizing but the answer is probably yes! Azodicarbonamide(ADA), unofficially known as the “yoga mat” chemical made international headlines earlier this month when Subway announced that it was removing this controversial food additive from its it’s shops in Canada and the US. ADA has been called the “yoga mat” chemical because it is commonly used to make plastic products like yoga mats and flip-flops lighter, softer and more flexible. Sadly, it is also used as a “dough conditioner” in many commercial baked goods, making large batches of … [Read More...]

Stop Sleeping Next to Your Cellphone

Why Sleeping Next to Your Cell Phone is Dangerous

Your Cell Phone is Dangerous, Stop Sleeping Next to It In this technological age, the negative electromagnetic frequencies our bodies are exposed to are higher and stronger than ever, which means your cell phone is dangerous! Especially for those of you sleeping next to them. Research conducted by scientists in the US and Sweden have found that radiation emitting from mobile phones can cause headaches and interrupt vital sleep patterns. Participants who were exposed to mobile radiation during the study were found to experience headaches, change of moods, confusion and trouble sleeping. … [Read More...]

Couple doing push-ups in home gym

Are you bored with your work-outs?

Do you need a change?  Do you need some variety? Have you ever done a 1000 reps challenge? I love doing 1000 reps challenges to change things up a little.  It is a great cardio, strength and core work-out all in one! Here are two that I did with a girl friend in my basement over the last 2 Sundays. Try it out and let me know what you think?  1000 too much for you right now?  Just cut every exercises in half (ie - 50) and work you way to 1000.  Have fun! 1000 fitness reps challenge #1 We did this one in no particular order and we "chunked" the reps in what ever we felt like (ie - 20 - 25 - 50 … [Read More...]

Is Your Multi Vitamin A Waste of Money?

Are Multi-Vitamins Really a Waste of Money?

In December an article began circulating urging people to stop wasting money on vitamin and mineral supplements. The article was featured in the New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal and countless other news sources. It spread like wildfire, so it’s safe to say that you probably came across it, and may have even questioned whether or not you should continue taking vitamin. When you come across controversial articles (whatever the topic) it’s important to read the piece with a critical eye. Question everything! Who is writing the article? Is the article based on a study? Is the … [Read More...]

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