May 27, 2016

Is Intermittent Fasting Worth the Buzz?


Intermittent fasting seems to be causing a lot of buzz amongst health professionals these days. Some claim it to be the “breakthrough” to fat loss and others claim it is just another fad diet. But what does the evidence say? And who can really benefit from it? Intermittent fasting relies on the notion that the […]

Big Fat Lies?


Fat: known to most as the enemy and who is to blame? We are almost conditioned to associate the word with weight gain, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Corporations do an amazing marketing the ‘low-fat’ and ‘low-calorie’ diets when it comes to weight loss and avoiding heart attacks or strokes. Except none of it is […]

Constipation: Are You Eliminating Enough for Good Health?


Constipation is a bit of a taboo subject. I mean, how often do you talk about bowel movements with your friends and family?  Not very often, I bet.  That being said, it’s an important subject! Constipation has been shown to increase the risk of colon cancer, diverticulitis, appendicitis, and digestive issues. Irregular bowel movements can cause an […]

Superfoods, why and what are they?


Have you ever walked around a grocery store or shopped at your local health food store, and observed the words ‘Contains Superfood’ on a package? Have you ever wondered what a superfood actually is? Superfoods are the latest social food craze, even though they’ve been around long before the title was given to them. So […]

Are You Estrogen Dominant?

angray frustrated woman meal replacment drinks

Do you suffer from symptoms of estrogen imbalance? Estrogen is one of the main sex hormone in women and is essential to the menstrual cycle. Women who are estrogen dominant can be subject to a variety of symptoms including: PMS symptoms (swelling and pain in breasts, mood swings, etc.) Endometriosis Abnormal PAP smear Low thyroid function […]

What are Fermented Foods?


Think all bacteria is bad? Think again! The tiny micro-organisms that make up your gut flora have a profound impact on your health. In fact, your gastrointestinal system is considered one of the most complex microbial ecosystems on earth. About 90% of your genetic makeup is actually from the bacteria that are living in your […]

Where Do We Draw the Line? Orthorexia Nervosa…


You are probably wondering what the heck is Orthorexia Nervosa, as like most people, you probably have never heard of it.  According to Wikipedia, the definition is: a proposed distinct eating disorder characterized by extreme or excessive preoccupation with eating food believe to be healthy. According to the Guardian: Orthorexics commonly have rigid rules around […]

Is Your Lymphatic System Clogged?


The lymphatic system is a vital part of the immune system that often goes overlooked. It consists of vessels and nodes that carry a fluid called “lymph” from tissues and organs to the bloodstream. There is approximately three to five times more lymph fluid in the body than there is blood. Lymph is meant to […]

The Low Fat Diet Trend: Healthy or Not?


Trying to lose weight? Is your fridge filled with things like zero fat yogurt, low fat sour cream, skim milk, low fat cottage cheese, and margarine? Sorry to burst your bubble, but your low fat diet might be having an opposite effect on your weight loss. Commercials, television shows and magazine articles have brainwashed us […]

Time for a Detox? 5 Signs That You Are Toxic


Is it time for a detox? How do you know if your body is toxic? The liver, which is one of the main organs involved in our body’s detoxification process, can become overburdened from diet and lifestyle choices. Personal hygiene products full of chemicals; hormones in our meats; pesticides on our fruits and vegetables; and […]