February 24, 2015

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Breathe Easier with this DIY Air Freshener Recipe


We all enjoy a nice smelling home or workspace. There is something so warming about stepping into a house that smells of a freshly baked aromatic dessert. Our noses will guide us into that bakery that we are trying to walk by to look at the fresh loaves coming out of their ovens. And you […]

Bone Broth for Bone Health


Recently, I read an article published in the Ottawa Citizen on how bone broth is the newest health food trend. It talked about a chef in New York who started selling cups of broth from a take-out window and how it has taken off as the next big “foodie” fad. The funny thing is, most […]

Are YOU the reason you cannot lose weight?


I believe that the mind is much stronger than the body. I have lived it. I have seen the extent to which my own mind could affect my health and my whole being, and then how I was able to use the power of mind and thought to change my situation. I know that if […]

Fight the Flu, Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Happy family in winter

You may have read the headlines in your local news: according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), this year’s flu shot may be less effective this winter. This is not surprising, since every year it is a guessing game as to which strain may or may not be floating around during the following flu […]

Are Ultrasounds as Safe as we are Lead to Believe?


I have a great job. Everyday, I get to see families coming through my clinic and I love seeing how so many parents are informed about the choices they make for their families. I am happy that chiropractic is one of the choices that they have made in helping their children lead healthier and happier […]

Is City Tap Water Safe to Drink?


If you are one of my patients, you may have noticed that I often sip water during the day, between adjustments. I believe that drinking water should be a priority for everyone. And not just a bit of water. It is important to ensure that you are getting at least eight glasses per day (more […]

Is Organic Food Really Worth the Cost?


It doesn’t really matter if I buy organic or conventional, as long as I am eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, right? This is a question I hear very often and it makes me take pause for a moment before answering. I understand that the person asking is trying to improve their health […]

Do You Know What You Are Eating?


Whenever you’re looking for something new, whether it’s a new supplement, beauty product, workout booster, or even something new for tonight’s supper, it is very important to pay attention to labels and the ingredient list. Ignore all the flashy health claims made by the manufacturer (you know the “all natural”, “healthy”, or “heart smart” ones!), […]