October 19, 2017

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Could Mold Toxicity Be Causing Your Health Problems?

According to Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, mold expert and author of the book Surviving Mold, mold toxins are even more toxic than pesticides and heavy metals. Meaning, they can cause quite the damage on your body! Common Mold Toxicity Symptoms Common symptoms of  toxicity include:

  • Headaches & migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Coughing and phlegm build-up
  • Depression
  • Skin irritations or rashes
  • Infertility
  • Brain issues
In addition to this, biotoxins from mold also affect leptins receptors, which regulate … [Read More...]

5 Natural Ways to Reduce Environmental Allergies

Though we often associate allergies with springtime about 75% of people allergic to spring plants also have reactions to ragweed, which only starts to pollinate in late August and September.Do you suffer from allergy symptoms in the Fall? Find out 5 natural ways to reduce environmental allergies in this blog. But before we get into that... What Are Allergies? An allergy is your body’s natural reaction to particles that it considers foreign; these could be airborne particles or even compounds in food. The immune system releases antibodies in response to an allergen, causing an … [Read More...]

Why You Should Practice Self-Care as Part of Your Morning Routine

Your morning routine sets the tone for your entire day. Whether you want to be productive, in a good mood, or just feel relaxed throughout the afternoon; how you begin your day is crucial to your mindset.While Summer vacation is still in session for some, it’s important to start planning for Fall now. Think to yourself: What goals do I want to accomplish this season? What can I do to ensure my success? Are there rituals that I can add to my morning routine that will bring me closer to my goals? Success Starts in the Morning Someone once asked me, “How do you get so much done in a day?” … [Read More...]

Slow the Aging Process Down with these 7 Anti-Aging Supplements

Joint soreness and stiffness, skin issues like age spots and wrinkles, frailer bones, weaker muscles, hormonal decline, slower metabolism, decrease in cardiovascular and lung functions, weaker immune system, decreased sexual desire, and decline in vision and hearing. We are all subject to the effects of aging, but what if told you that we have the power to slow down the process?Everyone ages, though some faster than others. Genetics may play a small role in the aging process, but there are things that everyone can do to slow down the effects of aging. First and foremost, a healthy … [Read More...]

The 3 Essentials of Brain Health

In 2011, it was estimated that nearly 747,000 Canadians were living with cognitive impairment, including dementia and Alzheimer’s. By 2031, if nothing changes in Canada, this figure is expected to rise to 1.4 million.According to Dementia Support, the cause of this explosive growth is two-fold:1) The population is growing, which has resulted in the increase of dementia cases. 2) In 2011, baby boomers began reaching the age of 65. Dementia rates are expected to … [Read More...]

Keep Eating Coconut Oil, It’s Good For You!

By now, you’ve probably read the viral article advising you to stop consuming coconut oil, but before you throw out your mega-sized tub, keep reading.It was only a matter of time before an article questioning coconut oil was released. Not because coconut oil is actually bad for you, but because the American Heart Association (AHA) has been preaching the same message since the 1970s: Saturated fat (found in coconut oil) is to blame for cardiovascular disease. But is it really? And should we trust the American Heart Association’s claims? Should You Listen to the American Heart … [Read More...]

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