August 25, 2016

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Stop Counting Calories and Start Focusing On Eating Whole Foods

Clean eating, counting calories, point systems, paleo, vegan, intermittent fasting, ketogenic - there are so many “right” ways to eat nowadays. Someone finds a strategy that works for them and thinks it is the end all be all to weight loss and vitality. The truth: there is no one-size-fits-all eating plan that will work for everyone. If you are looking for a way to eat better, lose weight, prevent illness and slow down the aging process, one way is simply to consume more whole foods. Whole foods are foods that are the closest to their natural form - meaning they have not been processed, … [Read More...]

What Your Blood Sugar Levels Are Telling You

A few decades ago, scientists claimed that fat in our diet was the root of all health issues. That is when the craze of low-fat, light, and vegetable oil products began as many believed they are making the healthier choice. However, obesity, heart disease, and cancer rates still skyrocketed. Fast forward to now, we are learning that it is not the fat that is causing the fuss, but the sugar! Today, an average American consumes about 32 teaspoons of sugar per day. You add it to your morning cup of coffee or tea, bake it into pastries, cakes, and cookies. You even sprinkle it all over your … [Read More...]

Are you Taking the Big Five? High Quality Supplements for Optimal Health

From eating right, to sleeping well, to staying active everyday, we do lots to keep ourselves healthy and in good shape. However, we may be missing one key component in our daily routine that is keeping us from reaching optimal wellness: taking the right supplements. Remember the Flintstones tablets your parents made you take as a child? Maybe they weren’t the best choice, but your parents definitely had the right idea. Many of us assume that by eating a nutritious diet we get all the required daily nutrients our body needs to function properly. Although a healthy diet is the starting … [Read More...]

Resolve Emotional Difficulties with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Anxiety, fear, resistance, jealousy, doubts – these are all unpleasant emotions that we wish we could avoid, but can often overpower us. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a technique that would help relieve us of these feelings almost instantly without being invasive? Well, the answer is at your fingertips – literally - it’s called the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT. EFT has its background in energy psychology – it is a form of psychological acupressure that uses your own fingertips to stimulate exact points on the head and chest and upper body while concentrating on the issue at hand, and … [Read More...]

Are You Suffering from a Histamine Intolerance ?

Histamine intolerance is one of the most overlooked conditions due to its broad and extensive list of symptoms that may also be signs of many other health circumstances as well. Histamine intolerance is the resistance towards “normal” levels of histamine in food caused by a decreased activity of the histamine-degrading enzymes diamine oxidase (DAO). What is Histamine anyway? You or perhaps someone you know have probably heard of antihistamine drugs that are typically used to overcome symptoms of allergies. So what is histamine exactly? Histamine is an important biochemical used to aid the … [Read More...]

Could Cellphone Radiation Exposure Be Causing Your Health Problems?

The advancement in technology has surely come with its benefits; a world of information and entertainment conveniently located at our fingertips. The development of the modern-day smartphone has revolutionized the way we function on a day to day basis with the usage of mobile applications that have consolidated all of our needs into one small device. However, this may come at a cost. For years the debate of EMF and cellphone radiation exposure has been a hot topic amongst health professionals as the common belief that these devices are safe was being challenged to claim that prolonged exposure … [Read More...]

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