Bioresonance Testing—What Is It and Could You Benefit From It?

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Are you struggling with stubborn health issues? Can’t figure out why or what causes them? The systems within our bodies operate unseen, leaving much of what we know about our personal health and wellness to guesswork. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way thanks to a new wave of health testing.

Bioresonance Testing

Bioresonance testing is based on the assumption that cells communicate with one another by means of photon radiation and exchange information over certain frequencies.

This information exchange functions normally in healthy bodies. As a result, each cell and each part of the body is able to do its job.  If, however, undesirable substances (toxins, viruses, bacteria, etc.) or harmful biophotons act on the body, communication between the cells is impeded.

When communication is impaired, cells are unable to function properly leading to general well-being, poor performance, chronic fatigue and later as organic changes and health issues arise.

Balanced Health

I recently interviewed Samantha Stupak, founder of Balanced Health–a company focused on the Bioresonance Testing of hair and saliva to identify major stressors within individuals.

Samantha spent four years of her life sick in bed with Lyme disease. Following that experience, she made a commitment to natural health and helping others – particularly those with chronic health issues – find their path to a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Balanced Health’s Full Scan is a leader in home health testing kits, allowing individuals to gain deep insights into what’s working in their bodies, what requires attention, and what remedies would be most useful in obtaining better health.

The Full Scan:

  • Tests for hundreds of food and environmental sensitivities
  • Identifies mold, bacterial, viral, chemical, parasitic, and heavy metal toxins
  • Identifies Nutritional and Hormonal imbalances
  • Tests level of stress throughout the body
  • Tests against 100’s of natural remedies to balance the body
To learn more about Balanced Health and Bioresonance Testing you can catch my interview with Samantha below:

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