February 23, 2017

My 2017 Book Recommendations: The 10 Health and Wellness Books You Should Read

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” – Harry S. Truman Those that know me, know that I’m an avid reader. When I’m not working or working out, you can find me in my “reading chair” nestled up with a book. While I do love a good crime novel, I mostly read non-fiction. I guess you […]

7 Bad Habits That Contribute to Poor Immune Function

The immune system is our body’s primary defence against illness and infection. A strong immune system can help us ward off everything from the common cold to cancer.  In other words, a healthy immune system, is a healthy you.  Unfortunately, many of our daily habits contribute to poor immune function.  Are your daily habits are affecting your health? […]

Does Texting Cause Neck Pain? Why “Text-Neck” is a Real Problem

Could all that texting cause neck pain? Living in the contemporary digital age surely has its benefits. Our mobile handheld devices keep us connected, entertained, and safer than ever before. However, with all the advantages we gain from mobile technology comes the risk of serious and permanent health problems. Ever heard of ‘text-neck’? Today, widespread use of smartphones, […]

Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet With These 12 Productivity Tips

Here we are again, the beginning of a new year–a fresh start. Is 2017 the year you are finally going to tackle the goals that you have been dreaming about for so long? Or are you going to let work, household duties, family obligations, children’s activities and your social life, get in the way of […]

8 Reasons to Take Vitamin B

Are you deficient in vitamin B? | Vitamin B is a key player in cell health and keeping people energized | Find out why you should take a B complex | Dr Nathalie Beauchamp

7 Ways to Improve Brain Health

The topic of brain health has become a more popular subject in the last decade, with a noticeable rise in neurodegenerative disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Brain health has also become a widely popular topic in the world of sports, where concussions are now recognized to have significant short and long term impacts on injured […]

Should You Follow the Food Pyramid Guidelines?

Most of us grew up getting our dietary recommendations from the infamous Canadian Food Guide or Food Pyramid.The Food Guide tells us what foods are recommended, and how many servings of each we should be consuming in a day. Current guidelines state that we should be consuming mostly carbohydrate and grain sources, followed by fruits […]

Sit Up Straight! The Importance of Good Posture

“Sit up straight!” “Don’t slouch!” “Uncross your legs!” I’m sure we’ve all heard those words more than once from our parents when we were growing up. And most of us would roll our eyes and as soon as mom walked away we’d slump back over in a hunch. Little did you know that she wasn’t […]

Can You Really Slow Down the Aging Process?

Joint soreness/stiffness, skin issues like age spots and wrinkles, frailer bones, weaker muscles, hormonal decline, slower metabolism, decrease in cardiovascular and lungs functions, weaker immune system, decreased sexual desire, decline in vision and hearing. We are all subject to the effects of aging, but what if told you that we have the power to slow […]

Stop Eating the Same Food Every Day: Why Changing Up Your Diet is Key

I was recently talking to a patient about breakfast and we bonded over our mutual love of smoothies. She told me that she made the same smoothie every single day: frozen berries, spinach, flax seed, protein powder and some almond milk. While all of the ingredients in her smoothie are nutritious, I encouraged her to […]