October 23, 2016

Is Toxic Mold Making You Sick?

Are you tired? Sick? Tired of being sick? Do you have problems remembering or concentrating? Do you suffer from migraines, muscle cramps, numbness and tingling and/or insomnia? Toxic mold could be making you sick. Within your home, your workplaces, and even in some of our foods may be lurking something so small—but so toxic—and it […]

Why Sleeping Next to Your Cell Phone is Dangerous

Your Cell Phone is Dangerous, Stop Sleeping Next to It In this technological age, the negative electromagnetic frequencies our bodies are exposed to are higher and stronger than ever, which means your cell phone is dangerous! Especially for those of you sleeping next to them. Research conducted by scientists in the US and Sweden have […]

The Top 12 Health and Dietary Habits That Contribute to Headaches – Part 2

Last week I put up a blog about the effects that diet can have on headaches. Through my education and past experiences I found out the top 12 health and dietary habits that contribute to headaches. Some of these habits may surprise you.

The Is No Such Things As A Normal Headache…What Is Your Body Trying to Tell You? – Part 1

When you have a headache, nothing seems right. Not only is it enabling you from doing your daily activities, but it’s also affecting the relationships you have with the loved ones around you. Chirpractic can help!