Are You Ready for the Colder Weather? How About Your Skin?

Autumn in Canada is a beautiful time of year, however, the change in season does not always leave our skin looking and feeling its best. The crisp, cool Fall air naturally causes our skin to dry out, so as the days get shorter, it’s important to stay on top of hydrating your skin.

Fall is the perfect time of year to step up your skincare routine and get ahead of the dryness that the bitter cold winter will bring about. 

Did you know that many lifestyle changes can promote healthy skin hydration? Follow my top skincare tips to maximize your skincare routine in order to look and feel your best this season.

1) Drink Water – Hydrating your body is one of, if not the most important step to achieving hydrated skin. Aim for a minimum of 8 glasses per day, trust me your skin will be thanking you. As the days get colder, drinking cold water can become less appealing. Try having a few cups of hot water with lemon throughout your day. Alternatively, add some flavour to your water with fruits and veggies such as cucumber or oranges. 

2) Eat Water-Dense Foods Regularly – A fantastic way of promoting skin hydration is to be selective with the foods that you are consuming. Water-rich foods such as berries, bell peppers, cucumbers, and watermelon are all great additions to your diet and will help you take care of yourself from the inside out.

3) Hack Your Environment – Did you ever consider that your home may be contributing to your dry skin? The air in our homes often changes with the air outside, so your home might be lacking moisture! A cold air humidifier could be worth the investment to help you on your skincare journey and help with the dryness at home.  

If your office is lacking moisture, perhaps a mini humidifier for your desk could be the solution at work.

4) Drink Less Caffeine and Alcohol – Need your cup of Joe to get through the day? Those pumpkin spice lattes are so tasty during the Fall season, however having too much caffeine throughout the day is incredibly dehydrating. Try to limit your caffeine intake when possible and substitute your temptations with hydrating beverages such as water. Similarly, alcohol dehydrates the body so it is best to consume in small quantities. 

5) Moisturize – Although it may seem obvious, moisturizing is often overlooked as a necessary step in your skincare routine. The right product will help you lock in your skin’s moisture and promote a healthy glow. It’s important to moisturize as soon as you get out of the shower and before leaving the house to go outside. 

6) Be Wary of Ingredients – Avoid using overly fragrant products that contain various ingredients such as alcohol and perfumes. Typically, these types of ingredients strip the skin of natural oils and dry it out.

7) Cool Down the Showers – Having excessively warm baths and showers can also strip natural oils and cause your skin to lose moisture. Try having lukewarm showers when possible! 

8) Try an Oatmeal Soak – Oatmeal is an extremely soothing ingredient for irritated skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties. If you need relief from itching, the oatmeal soak is a fantastic at home remedy that’s been used for centuries. Be sure to use raw oats that have been chopped into a powder. Warning – do not use cooked oats as it can cause plumbing issues! 

9) Don’t Forget about Sun-care – The sun does not go away just because it’s cold outside! Be sure to actively wear sunscreen to protect your skin. Many moisturizing daytime creams come with SPF protection. Additionally, as nice as it is to keep a summer glow year round, forego the tanning bed! Artificial tans can make dry skin worse!

10) Invest in the Right Products – The right products for your skin type will go such a long way in your skincare journey. There are so many products out there, it can be overwhelming choosing the right ones for your skin. There are a number of high quality safer products in the market today so do a little bit of research but one that I personally love is Vooqo.

Take time to get outside in the fresh air and enjoy our change in seasons! It’s a great mood booster!