February 16, 2019

Do You Have A Mentor? Meet 10 Women Mentors Who Have Impacted Me

As I am in the process of launching my second book and my online academy, I was reflecting thiswomen-mentors week on the women in my life who have mentored me throughout the years—not only in my business life but also in my personal life as well. 

First of all, what is the definition of a mentor? A mentor is said to be an experienced and trusted adviser. Below, I have made a list of 10 women who have taken the time and energy to invest and believe in me.

Why have I chosen to highlight 10 women? While I’ve had many male mentors in the past, I wanted to encourage more women to become mentors. I’ve noticed that men typically take on more mentorship roles than women, which is too bad! So ladies, let’s roll up our sleeves and help one another grow and become better versions of ourselves!

I hope that my blog makes you reflect on who your mentors are (or could be) and who you could be mentoring in your own life right now.

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction”. John C. Crosby

10 Women Who Have Impacted Me

  1. My Mom: My mom has always given me complete and unconditional love. I was able to learn so much from her, including how to be a strong person, how to take charge, but also how to remain caring and giving. She was a school teacher for 35 years and she always gave her profession all she had. That taught me, from a very early age, to put in my 100% in my work and in my personal life. I saw my mom being in charge of many things in our house, which instilled in me the “take charge and get things done” attitude.
  2. Coach Leigh: Something not many people might know about me is that I attended the Royal Military College as first-year engineering. Yep, as you probably guessed, engineering was not my thing! Leigh was our physical education professor and the coach for the college varsity volleyball team I was on. During that time, I sure did have some obstacles to overcome; I struggled with a language barrier and, and I had a hard time making the requirement for the chin-ups need to pass the PT test. Was I ever frustrated! The thing with Leigh was that although we were in the military—with its lack of outspoken encouragement—I could tell that she was always rooting for me to succeed. No issues with chin-up even to this day, thanks Leigh.
  3. Dr. Suzanne Gorka: When I met Dr. Gorka, I was fresh out of chiropractic school. She gave me the opportunity to work alongside her and her husband at their chiropractic clinic, to learn the ropes on how to run a practice. The biggest lesson she taught me was how to bring happiness and joy into the everydayness of the working office. I can still remember her contagious laughter echoing in the clinic. She also always put emphasis on the importance of taking time to rejuvenate yourself; her and her husband made it a priority to book vacations and go out and enjoy themselves.  And, if you’re wondering, yes, she’s still an active chiropractor today and her daughter will be soon, future Dr. Vivianne!
  4. Deborah MacDonald: Deborah has had great influence on me in so many ways, but mainly business-wise, in her drive and balance with all things, and by enjoying the process and having fun in the meantime. I owe her a lot for expanding my mindset; she’s the one who brought me to see Millionaire Minds Intensive in Montreal which really exposed me to many of the self-development conferences available out there. Deborah was also my partner in crime for the Ottawa Health and Wellness Expo for several years.
  5. Lisa Larter: I don’t even know where to start with the long list of all the things Lisa has taught me as a business coach. What I am most thankful for is having had her believe in me years ago with everything that I had to offer. I truly admire her business mind; the way she takes the goals you want to achieve and sets up a stage that makes them all possible to execute. She’s brought her business to an online platform, has written books, and is just overall, amazing at creating the life she wants.
  6. Debra Cassera: She is the past president and CEO of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance (CLA) and the Creating Wellness Alliance. She was always and still is, so incredibly supportive of women in chiropractic. Through her time at CLA, we saw many women winning Chiropractor of the Year, myself included, which I am very thankful for.  Debra was always so supportive of the wellness initiatives I have tried to implement in my practice to help my patients with lifestyle changes.
  7. Liz Anderson-Peacock: I’ve had the chance, over the years, to coach with Liz, who is also a chiropractor. I admire her wisdom so much! What’s really great about her is that she’s got her roots in science, but philosophically and spiritually, she’s a power-house. She’s is also greatly involved in the profession, and is so generous with her time to help mentor other women. Liz is one of those people that I aspire to be more like.
  8. Judith Cane: Judith is a local Ottawa businesswoman and in 2008, nominated me for 40 under 40. What an amazing award to receive. Judith is a very strong supporter of women in general through her financial business, and she has done a lot in her career to support and help women in business.
  9. Samantha Moonsammy: Although we tend to perceive mentors as people who are older than us, I have always seen Samantha—who is younger—as someone I have learned so much from. She has a knack for communication, event planning and bringing everyone together; all while never losing sight of keeping her own self healthy and happy amongst the hustle and bustle of her busy life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called her up to brainstorm ideas with her; she’s always been a great supporter and believer of all of my endeavours, and of me.
  10. “Mentor #10” I am currently looking to add to my mentor list. Who am I looking for? A woman who is business-savvy and who has built a strong online platform, as I am branching out to reach more people with my Hack Your Health Habit book and academy. She may be in the health field but doesn’t necessarily have to be. So… anyone up for it?

As I said earlier, I do think that we need, as women, to support and help each other more. So many of us have acquired exceptional skills and have learnt so much over the course of our lifetimes; it’s a gift to be able to share that knowledge with one another so we can all become our best and most successful selves.

I would love to hear about your list of mentors, feel free to share them with me! Let’s all pay it forward!

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