October 17, 2017

How Are You Tracking Your Wellness Goals?

I recently came across a daily wellness check-list on one of my friend’s blogs, and decided to create my own. Keeping yourself in check when it comes to your health and wellness goals is important, but often forgotten. Having a check-list allows you to make sure that you are on target with your goals, and shows you where you are falling short.

Depending on your personal health and wellness goals, you may want to tweak the check-list  While using the check-list every day would be ideal, I suggest using it for at least one week every season. Our day-to-day activities, eating habits, and workouts tend to fluctuate with each passing season. I bet you’ll be surprised to see how well you are doing in some aspects during the season and how poorly you are doing in others! This is a great way to evaluate where you are at, and focus on the areas in your life you are struggling with.

My Daily Wellness Check-list


Wellness Goal(s):

Did I wake up feeling refreshed? ________

Did I start the day with a positive attitude – one with gratitude? _________

Did I start the day by eating a healthy breakfast? _________

Did I take my supplements today (Multi Vitamin, Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Multi-Probiotic)? _________
Did I get my body moving for at least 20 minutes today (be it cardio, strength training, or yoga) ? _________

Did I ensure that my body was properly fuelled throughout the day by eating healthy snacks when I was hungry? __________
Did I drink enough water today (7-9 glasses per day)? _________

Did I eat healthy, balanced meals for lunch and dinner (lean protein, vegetable, fat)? ___________

Did I avoid eating processed foods, or foods containing refined sugars? _________

Did I or do I need to be adjusted today? __________

Was I able to spend quality time with my family or friends? _________

Did I take a class, register for an event, or read something that has/will contribute to my knowledge base/personal development? __________
Did I do something good for someone else today (hold the door open for a stranger, help someone with a task, compliment someone)? _________

Did I do something positive to unwind before bed (drink herbal tea, read something light, practice meditation, light stretches)? ___________

Am I or did I go to bed at a time that will ensure I get 7-9 hours of sleep? _____

Did I do my best to avoid stress or stressful situations today? ______

On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 highest, 1 lowest) how would you rate your achievements today? ___________

What else can be included on this check-list? Insert below:




Action Steps:
1) Copy and paste the checklist into a word document and modify it to suit your health and wellness goals.
2) Print this checklist x7 (one for each day of the week).
3) Complete the checklist before bed each night for one week.
4) Repeat every season.