October 17, 2017

Are You Doing the Right Things to Keep Your Gut Healthy?

As we become increasingly aware of how our actions affect the world around us, a greater number of us are taking steps to avoid upsetting the balance of ecosystems. There is a growing awareness of our “carbon footprint”, i.e. the impact that we all have on the earth. We know that, if each person takes […]

Is Your Blood Pressure Normal?

Is Your Blood Pressure Normal? Reduce Your Risk of this Silent Killer Do you know the warning signs of high blood pressure? Trick question! There aren’t any warning signs or symptoms, which is what makes it so dangerous.    According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, 1 in 5 Canadians have high blood pressure, the number […]

Who is on Your Wellness Team?

  Who is on your Wellness Team or, your “W-team”, as I like to call it. First of all, YOU should be the biggest player on your team and your biggest fan!  All that said, I love the following quote: “Professionals have coaches – amateurs don’t.” Anonymous You don’t have to do it alone, plus it’s much more […]

The Top 12 Health and Dietary Habits That Contribute to Headaches – Part 2

Last week I put up a blog about the effects that diet can have on headaches. Through my education and past experiences I found out the top 12 health and dietary habits that contribute to headaches. Some of these habits may surprise you.