February 16, 2019

Do You Have A Mentor? Meet 10 Women Mentors Who Have Impacted Me

As I am in the process of launching my second book and my online academy, I was reflecting this week on the women in my life who have mentored me throughout the years—not only in my business life but also in my personal life as well.  First of all, what is the definition of a […]

Are You Estrogen Dominant?

Do you suffer from symptoms of estrogen imbalance? Estrogen is one of the main sex hormone in women and is essential to the menstrual cycle. Women who are estrogen dominant can be subject to a variety of symptoms including: PMS symptoms (swelling and pain in breasts, mood swings, etc.) Endometriosis Abnormal PAP smear Low thyroid function […]

Can Hormone Imbalance Cause Women’s Health Problems?

Both women and men can suffer from estrogen hormone imbalance. Most frequently, it affects women through PMS, uterine fibroids, cystic breasts, and ovarian cysts, among many others health issues.

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