Stress-Free Holidays – Is It Possible?

The most wonderful time of the year can quickly double as the most stressful time of the year if you aren’t intentional. The holiday season is supposed to be all about time spent relaxing with family but somehow it can leave us feeling more anxious than any other time of the year. Between all of the coordinating, spending, and wrapping, it can become overwhelming quickly and feel like there’s never enough time to get everything done. 

We are one month away from Christmas Eve, allowing us time to still create a stress-free holiday this year. 

Top Tips for Stress Management Around the Holiday Season:

  1. Prioritize yourself:  Although the holiday season is about spreading joy and cheer to your loved ones, don’t forget to make yourself a priority! You might be tempted to skip your workouts, but stick with your schedule, you need it! Be careful to not over indulge in treats that leave you feeling sick. Make sure that you are getting adequate rest and relaxation time despite how busy you may feel. If necessary schedule a little time for you everyday to recharge, doing so will give you more energy for others.
  2. Set a budget: There is nothing more stressful than financial strain because of the holidays. Set a realistic budget and stick to it. If gift giving causes severe stress for you, think of creative ways to maximize your gift giving while on a budget. This might be a perfect year to look into DIY gifts as an opportunity for you to show your loved ones how much they mean to you without spending a lot. There are a ton of DIY gift ideas on Pinterest, like bath bombs, candles, soups, homemade healthy treats and so much more! Another beautiful way to create memories as a family is to make gifts together for others.
  3. Online shopping: Consider shopping online this year to avoid buying more than you intended. It is easy to get distracted with deals and overspend. Many of our local businesses are still open online and would appreciate your continued support.
  4. Make your list and check it twice: The key to being stress free during the holidays is to plan, plan, plan! Plan out exactly what you need to accomplish to ensure that you are set for a fun and relaxed Christmas. You can even think ahead of time and pre-order your groceries so that they come before Christmas day. By creating a plan, you are able to decide what can be prepared ahead of time to allow you more time to relax during the holidays. Make it a goal to not be stress shopping days before Christmas this year!
  5. Learn to say NO: The holidays are a time to catch up with old friends and loved ones at social gatherings. Although you may not be seeing everyone in person this year, there likely will be ample opportunity to connect online or through phone calls. Prioritize which events are the most important to you and commit to those only. Saying yes to everything is exhausting and can cause extreme stress. Learn to unapologetically say no and take time for you.
  6. Spread Positivity: Keeping number 5 in mind, using stolen moments in your day look for ways to show kindness, send a quick email or Facebook message saying hello to someone. Perhaps, while making holiday cookies you include extra to drop off to someone who may appreciate being thought of.
  7. Have FUN: The last but most important tip is to have fun. Don’t forget the purpose of the holiday season! Relax, spend time with family, and enjoy yourself. Be present at your gatherings, enjoy gift giving, and appreciate the moments spent with your loved ones.

My hope for you during the days leading up to the holidays is that you would take time for you. Celebrate who you are by being imperfectly you! Allow others to contribute and support you in getting ready for the holidays. Create an attitude of gratitude with your loved ones to appreciate and value the time together.

Yours in Health,

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