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Do you experience brain fog, low energy and are unable to lose weight?
Are you suffering with hormonal imbalances, poor sleep, premature aging or anxiety?
Are you having trouble finding answers to your rising health concerns?

The answer may lie beneath how much toxicity lies within you.


Why True Cellular Detox? 

As a doctor I get countless questions about common issues concerning weight loss,  hormones, sleep, Detox-Ottawadigestion, memory and much more. Oftentimes these patients are doing a lot of the right things like exercising and eating fairly well, but are unaware of the amount of toxins they are exposing themselves to on a daily basis which are preventing their bodies from functioning optimally.

I’ve invested the last 2 years in advanced studies with a curriculum encompassing the work of revered and progressive medical experts, true scientific pioneers, and renowned biochemists and the answers are as plain as day. If toxins are the cause of most chronic disease, a true detoxification is the open door to healing.

In order to provide my patients with real solutions to get rid of these toxins, I have paired up with Dr. Dan Pompa, founder of True Cellular Detox, to help bring you the most cutting edge real detox program. Patients experiencing TRUE Cellular Detox find their insomnia becomes a thing of the past. Mood elevates almost instantly. Productivity returns. Feelings of joy return. Every system of the body begins to function better. The body begins to happily burn fat. The human machine simply begins working as it was intended.

So, what is the True Cellular Detox Program? 

This is not a 10-day juice cleanse. By recognizing the source of all ailments begins with the cell, True Cellular Detox uses a structured system of detoxification that removes the chemical interference that is keeping your body from functioning optimally. Our cutting-edge testing process effectively indicates just how much cellular inflammation is present in the body. This program also enables the patients themselves to take control of their health by providing them with the necessary tools to get rid of toxins safely and effectively. Patients will learn how to:

  • Use the 5-Rs: Removing the source of toxicity, regenerating the cell membrane, restoring cellular energy, reducing cellular inflammation and re-establishing proper methylation of the cell
  • Open and Support detox pathways in the kidneys, liver, gut and lymph;
  • Use true binders to remove toxins out of the system for good.

Dr. Pompa describes the 5Rs

The Phases of Detox true-cellular-detox-dr-nathalie-beauchamp

This program also consists of a three-month supplement plan that is meant to aid and accelerate the detoxification process. Each month is dedicated to a separate phase of detox:

  • Phase 1 – Prep Phase: To prepare targeted organs for the detox process. This strengthens cellular detox pathways to support toxin removal;
  • Phase 2 – Body Phase: Helps to remove toxins at the cellular level and set up concentration gradient to move toxins from deeper tissues, toxins move from areas of higher concentration to lower concentration, and observing this principle is a must for successful detoxification;
  • Phase 3 – Brain Phase: To clear deeper bio-accumulated neurotoxins that lead to most symptoms.
  • Cellular Vitality Phase: This phase of supplements is to be taken after completing the three phases of the True Cellular Detox™ program. This formula contains the perfect cellular nutrition that everyone needs in today`s toxic world.  It is the multivitamin of the future that was formulated to maintain cellular detox pathways, replacing your multivitamin and fish oil.

In addition to this, True Cellular Detox Includes a full 90-day meal plansmoothie eBook, and over a dozen articles to help give you the most in depth insight into common issues such as heavy metals, diabetes, endocrine disruptions, sleep and anxiety, leaky gut, vitamin deficiencies, and household toxins.  If this isn`t enough, we have also included tips and strategies to take your health to the next level through dietary variation and  exercise strategies.

What is the next step? 

If you are serious about finding out if this program is right for you, we are offering a screening
test that will help us determine if you are toxic. These two tests are the: metaoxy-test

1 – Meta-Oxy Test: The Meta-Oxy measures malondialdehyde in the urine, which is a marker for oxidative stress and cell membrane damage due to free radicals. The level of malondialdehyde in the urine indicates the amount of oxidized fat; therefore, themore malondialdehyde measured in the urine, the greater the amount of cell membrane damage.

tcd-toxic-test2 – True Cellular Detox™ Neurotoxic Questionnaire: True Cellular Detox™ Neurotoxic Questionnaire is another great test in the True Cellular Detox™ system and a simple and effective way to determine a patient’s neurotoxicity and mark progress. The test contains a series of questions that relate to heavy metal toxicity, biotoxic illness, and general toxicity issues. It also goes over medical history, and other health related factors that will give greater insight to just how much toxicity may be present and what precautions to take during the True Cellular Detox™ Program! 


Click the button below to buy your True Cellular Detox™ Screening Package today! One of our trained True Cellular Detox personnel will contact you once you’ve purchased your Screening.

Don’t wait any longer, discover true natural health solutions that will give you the health, energy and vitality you want to do the things that are important to you.

Yours in health,

Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp 
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