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Missed a live stream? No worries! Dive into our archive of past episodes and discover actionable health hacks, expert interviews, and inspiring success stories. Click below to watch past episodes and catch up on what you’ve missed:

Eating Right Thriving Brain

Episode #1 – Eating Right For A Thriving Brain With Julie Gervais

Sleep & Recovery

Episode #2 –  Sleep & Recovery—Tips To Optimize Your Sleep & Recharge Your Body With Dr. Paul Sly

Top 10 Lab Tests

Episode # 3 -The Top 10 Lab Tests To Transform Your Health With Dr. Julie McLaughlin

Context Eating Method

Episode #4 – The Context Eating Method for Women With Kathy Ryan

Metabolic Flexibility

Episode #5 – Are You Metabolically Flexible? With Dr. Steven Geanopulos

Raising Vibrant Families

Episode #6 – Raising Vibrant Families—Nourishing Body And Mind Through All Stages Of Life With Dr. Celina Spence

Nutrition & Hydration

Episode #7 – Confused About What Foods To Eat? Essential Nutrition & Hydration Strategies For Optimal Health With Dr. Paul Sly

EMF Protection

Episode #8 – Navigating EMF Hazards in Our Digital World With Laura Kissmann