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Episode # 3 -The Top 10 Lab Tests To Transform Your Health With Dr. Julie McLaughlin

Tune In To Learn:

  • What Lab Tests are Essential: Learn about the vital diagnostic tests crucial for understanding and preventing chronic diseases.
  • How to Empower Yourself Against Chronic Illness: Gain insights into how these tests can aid in reversing and managing chronic conditions effectively.
  • How to Transform Your Health Journey: Equip yourself with the knowledge to predict, prevent, and even reverse silent chronic diseases with proactive testing and lifestyle interventions.

Key Takeaways And Show Notes:

In this episode of “Hack Your Health with Nat,” Dr. Natalie Beauchamp welcomed Dr. Julie McLaughlin, a renowned chiropractor, acupuncturist, and functional medicine practitioner with over three decades of experience in transforming lives through wellness initiatives. Dr. Julie, the visionary behind Begin With Wellness, shares her expertise in leveraging lab tests to empower individuals in managing their health effectively. Here are some of the key takeaways discussed during the show.

Importance of Lab Tests 

Dr. Julie emphasized the critical role lab tests play in understanding one’s health. She outlined the top 10 lab tests that provide a comprehensive overview of various health markers. The discussion revealed how common conditions like heart disease, gut problems, adrenal fatigue, arthritis, anemias, deficiencies, and diabetes could be prevented or improved through proactive health management strategies.

Top 10 Lab Tests Explained

  1. Cholesterol Panel: This test measures total cholesterol, LDL (“bad” cholesterol), HDL (“good” cholesterol), and triglycerides.
  2. Advanced Cholesterol Panel: An advanced cholesterol panel goes further, evaluating markers like APOB, APOA1, SDLDL, and LP(a) for a more detailed assessment of heart disease risk.
  3. Inflammation Markers: Highly Sensitive C-reactive protein (HSCRP) is a key marker for inflammation. Elevated levels can indicate inflammation in the body, which is a risk factor for various chronic diseases.
  4. Blood Sugar Panel: Essential for assessing diabetes risk, this panel includes fasting glucose, Hemoglobin A1C (a three-month average of blood sugar levels), and insulin. These tests help evaluate blood sugar regulation and insulin sensitivity.
  5. B Vitamin Panel: Measures levels of crucial B vitamins, including B12 and folic acid. These vitamins are vital for nerve function, red blood cell formation, and DNA synthesis.
  6. Liver Enzyme Panel: Includes tests for AST, ALT, and alkaline phosphatase, enzymes that indicate liver health. Abnormal levels can signal liver damage or disease.
  7. Complete Blood Count (CBC): A comprehensive evaluation of the blood, including red and white blood cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and platelets. It can help diagnose conditions like anemia, infection, and many other disorders.
  8. Deficiency Panel: Focuses on nutrients that are commonly deficient, including vitamin D, CoQ10, magnesium, and iron. These nutrients are crucial for various bodily functions, including bone health, energy production, and immune function.
  9. Essential Fatty Acids: Examines levels of omega-3 fatty acids, like EPA and DHA, which are important for heart health, brain function, and reducing inflammation.
  10. It’s Genetic Markers (APOE and MTHFR): Testing for genetic variations like APOE and MTHFR can provide insight into personal health risks and nutrient metabolism. APOE is linked to cholesterol and Alzheimer’s risk, while MTHFR affects folate metabolism and can impact cardiovascular health and pregnancy.

Personal Empowerment Through Knowledge and Lifestyle Modifications

Dr. McLaughlin encouraged listeners to understand their lab results to take charge of their health. By being informed about what each marker indicates, individuals can work proactively with their healthcare providers to address potential health issues early. The episode underscored that lifestyle changes and proper supplementation could lead to significant improvements in one’s health, as evidenced by before and after comparisons of lab tests. Dr. Julie McLaughlin’s expertise illuminated the path for listeners seeking to make informed decisions about their health and wellness strategies.

To learn more about Dr. Julie McLaughlin, and to access resources to help you interpret lab results and further understand the functional medicine ranges for each test, visit: https://www.drjuliemclaughlin.com/

TVEpisode # 3 -The Top 10 Lab Tests To Transform Your Health