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Episode #8 – Navigating EMF Hazards in Our Digital World With Laura Kissmann

Tune In To Learn:

  • What electromagnetic fields are and why they’re a crucial aspect of our daily health considerations in the modern, digital age.
  • How to measure EMF around you, using accessible tools and techniques that empower you to make informed decisions about your environment.
  • Simple, actionable strategies to minimize EMF exposure in your daily life, helping you to live a healthier, more balanced digital life.

Key Takeaways And Show Notes:

In this empowering episode of ‘Hack Your Health with Dr. Nat,’ host Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp shines a light on the often overlooked health hazards posed by EMFs from modern technology. She interviews quantum health coach Laura Kissmann to uncover the invisible dangers lurking in our increasingly digital world and equip viewers with simple strategies to protect themselves and their families. Their timely discussion provides valuable insights to help audiences identify EMF sources, measure their exposures, and implement steps to optimize health by reducing risks. This episode is a must-watch for anyone looking to safeguard their health in our technology-driven world.

The Dangers of Man-Made EMFs

Their discussion starts off with Laura explaining the differences between natural and man-made EMFs. She describes how EMFs like sunlight and Earth’s fields have existed for eons and we are biologically adapted to them. However, the explosion of modern tech devices in recent decades has flooded our environments with a new kind of electromagnetic radiation our bodies are not equipped to handle. She describes how these unnatural EMFs can impair cellular communication, resulting in an array of symptoms from headaches to infertility.

She also covers how EMFs can be categorized as either ionizing or non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing types like x-rays clearly damage DNA and human health. Meanwhile, non-ionizing forms like those emitted by our devices were long assumed to be harmless since they lack enough energy to ionize atoms. However, a growing body of research is now challenging that assumption and indicating EMFs as a potential contributor to rising rates of cancers, autism, dementia, and more

Who is Most at Risk?

Dr. Nathalie and Laura continue the discussion highlighting the populations most vulnerable to EMF exposure, including: 

  • Developing children
  • Pregnant women
  • Seniors
  • Individuals with chronic inflammation 

Measuring EMFs in Your Home

Laura provides helpful details on how regular folks can go about measuring EMF levels in their own homes, even without professional testing. She explains the different types of tools that can help measure radiation:

  • RF meters detect radiofrequency radiation coming from WiFi, cell towers, cell phones, and other wireless devices.
  • Magnetic field meters identify dangers from power lines, electrical wiring, appliances, and other common household items. 
  • Dirty electricity meters plug into outlets to measure errant voltages moving through wiring. Laura explains how these chaotic, information-carrying frequencies can be detrimental even at low power levels.

In addition to demonstrating these key meters, Laura also suggests troubleshooting tools like outlet filters that can help track down dirty electricity sources. Ultimately she recommends professional testing for the most accurate insights, but notes how these consumer meters can provide general awareness of hotspots.

Simple Strategies to Reduce Your Exposure

Dr. Nathalie and Laura share a wealth of practical tips listeners can implement right away to reduce EMF exposures at home and work, including:

  • Turn off WiFi routers at night and limit use of devices before bed to avoid disrupting sleep
  • Use wired internet connections on computers and limit wireless exposure
  • Minimize cell phone use by enabling airplane mode, using speakerphone or earbuds to keep it away from your head, and carrying it in an EMF-shielding pouch
  • Designate tech-free zones in your home and spaces where you spend a lot of time, like a kitchen or bedroom
  • Be especially cautious about exposures for vulnerable groups like children and pregnant women
  • Create daily routines with built-in tech-free downtime
  • Use meters to identify and eliminate EMF hotspots at home
  • Consider unplugging certain devices when not in use to remove passive EMF pollution
  • Look into shielding solutions, like window films and paints, for extremely electro-sensitive people

For further information about EMF mitigation strategies, please refer to the following articles written by Dr. Nathalie: https://drnathaliebeauchamp.com/emf-protection/ and https://drnathaliebeauchamp.com/protect-yourself-from-electromagnetic-fields-emf/

After watching this eye-opening episode of ‘Hack Your Health with Dr. Nat’, viewers will come away feeling confident in their ability to make more conscious choices to limit EMF pollution and create a healthier electromagnetic environment for themselves and their families. Laura’s wealth of actionable advice makes this crucial but complex topic feel manageable for anyone looking to reclaim their health in a technology-driven world.

For more information about Laura and her body of work, please visit: https://laurakissmannwellness.com/




TVEpisode #8 – Navigating EMF Hazards in Our Digital World